Best Hindi Movie Monologues

First of all, Here is the Best Hindi Movie Monologues. This is the monologue that is performed by a great actors. So you can prepare these monologues for auditions or self-practice. These are monologues of Movies, written by the great writers of indian cinema.
As a result, from here you can select any monologue based on gender, age, character requirements. And practice. You can perform it in auditions or workshops or anywhere on stage. In short the monologues will be effective in your acting practice and auditions.

A Good Monologue:

A well written monologue makes them remember you. Good audition monologues will do:

Stay below two minutes: Two minutes is enough time to show your baggage. In fact, auditors and casting directors make their decision after 30 seconds, perhaps even less.

You have a clear objective: You can’t stand there and talk. You have to actively talk to someone you have imagined, and you will be trying to get something from them.

There is a different beginning, middle and end:
A start: a strong first sentence to grab attention.
A middle: lots of juicy ingredients.
An end: a strong finish.
When there is a structure in your monologue, the auditor or casting director is more likely to remember you.

Conflict occurs: Drama cannot exist without conflict. Who wants to see everyone play with?
It can be boring. And also interesting.

The Common Man: Mai Saabit Kuch Nahi Kar Raha Hu Rathore Sahab, Mai Sirf Aapko Yaad Dilana Chahta Hu, Ki Logo Mai Gussa Bahut Hai Unhe Aazmana Band Kajiye. We are Resiliant By Force Not By Choice. Aapko Bebas Karne Me Mujhe Sirf Chaar Hafte Lage. Aapko Kya Lagta Hai Ki Jo Log Hame Marte Hai Wo Humse Jyada Intelligent Hai. Are Internet Par Bomb Type karKe Search Mariye Teen Sau Baawan Sides Milengi, Ki Bomb Kaise Banaya Jata Hai , Kya - Kya Equipment Estemal Hota, Saara Information Aasani se Access Hota Hai Muft Me. Aap Jante Hai Ki Kapde Dhone Kaa Sabun Tak Ak Potential Bumb Hota Hai, Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Common Man Ke Liye Isse Jyada Useful Product Aaj Tak Nahi Bana. Galti Hamari Hai Hum Log Bahot Jaldi Used To Ho Jate Hai , Ak Aisa Hadsa Hota Hai To Channel Badal - Badal Kar Sara Majra Dekh Liya, SMS Kiya Phone Kiya, Shukr Manaya Ki Hum Log Bach Gaye Aur Hum Us Situation Se Ladne Ki Bajay Hum Uske Saath Adjust Karna Shuru Kar Dete Hai. Par Hamari Bhi Majburi Hai Naa, Hume Ghar Chalana Hota Hai Sahab, Isliye Hum Sarkar Chunte Hai Ki Wo Mulk Chalaye. Aap log, Sarkar , Police Force, Intelligence Saksham Hai Is Tarah Ke best Control Ke liye , Lekin Aap Log Kar Nahi Rahe Hai, Sirf Shah Diye Jaa Rahe Hai.. Why Are You Not Nipping Them In The Bud ??  Ek Aadmi Gunahgar Hai Yaa Nahi Isko Saabit Karne Mai Aapko Das Saal Lag Jaate Hai, Aapko Ye Nahi Lagta Hai Ki Ye Aapki Kabliyat Par Saawal Hai, Ye Saara Natak Band Hona Chahiye, This Hole Blady System Is Fraud. AAp Jaise Log In Kido Kaa Safaya Nahi Karetge To Hame Jhadu Uthani Hogi, Lekin Kya Hai Usse Hamari Civilized Society Kaa Balance Bigad Jayega, Lekin Kya Kare, Rathore Sahab Mujhe Yakin Hai ki Jo Train Blast Huye wo Sirf Ek Terrorist activity Nahi Thi, Wo Ek Bahot Bada Saawal Tha, Aur Wo Sawaal Ye Tha Ki Bhai Hum To Tumhe Isi Tarah hi Marenge, Tum Kya Kar Loge ?? Yes, They asked UsThis Question On A Friday, Repited It On Tuseday And I Am Just Replaying On Wednesday. Movie: A Wednesday(2008), Character: A Common Man

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