The Great English Playwrights

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Here is a list of such great English playwrights: who have reached the pinnacle of literature with the beauty of their pen. Therefore today’s world literature is a mountain of knowledge. The statement describing the psychological world, love, anger, sometimes imaginary world travel and sometimes the reality of society has become the beauty of world literature today.

The list of some such authors is as follows. All authors have their own identity here. Therefore it is very difficult to say who is at the top or whose contribution to world literature is more. Certainly, he has given a new identity to literature as well as the world theater. And created a medium to reach people through theater.

Below The Greatest English Playwrights

willian shakespeare-English
Anton chekhov-English
Arthur Miller-English
Henrik Johan Ibsen-English
Samuel Barclay Beckett-English
Harold Pinter-English
George Bernard show-English
Berthold Brecht-English
Tennessee Williams-English
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill-English
Kit Marlowe-English
Oscar Wilde-English
Johann wolfgang von goethe-English
Aprha Benn-English
Sam Shepard-English
Johan August Strindberg-English
Tom Stoppard-English
Lynn Nottage-English
Eugene Lonesco-English
Caryl Churchill-English
sarah kane-English
August wilson-English
federico garcia lorca-English
jean racine-English
yasmina reza-English
Noel Coward-English
Tracy S. Letts-English
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol-English
Edward Franklin Albee 3rd-English
Benjamin Jonson-English
Lucy Prebble-English
Thornton Niven Wilder-English
David Alan Mamet-English
Friedrich Schiller-English
Martin Faranan McDonagh-English
Annie Baker-English
John James Osborne-English
David hare-English
John patrick shanley-English
Dennis Kelly-English
Lorraine Vivian Hansberry-English
John Webster-English
Martyna Majok-English
Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni-English
Terence Mervyn Rattigan-English
Tony Kushner-English
Marvin Neil Simon-English

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