Top 15 Great English Plays Of All Time

There are some playwrights who have written something that can never be forgotten. There are Top 15 Great English Plays Of All Time which have been presented on stage every time – then a different atmosphere has been created and the audience has been mesmerized. Every time the audience sees these dramas, they come out of the auditorium with a different ideology. The list of some such dramas which rule the hearts of the people and reflect the society, is shown below. These plays are such that along with being an actor, the common people should also study. As an actor, this drama is very valuable. And to become a great actor, reading these Top 15 Great English Plays Of All Time is as important as working on your other skills. The actors who have acted in these dramas are very lucky, because this is the 15 plays which have been ranked at the top of the list of English dramas.

Hamlet (1600-1601)

William Shakespeare

The Crucible(1953)

Arthur Miller

Waiting for Godot (1948-1949)

Samuel Beckett

Antigone (441 BC)


Long Day’s Journey into Night (1941-1942)

Eugene O’Neill

The Cherry Orchard (1904)

Anton Chekhov

The Importance of Being Earnest (1895)

Oscar Wilde

A Street Car Named Desire (1947)

Tennessee Williams

A Doll’s House (1879)

Henrik Ibsen

Medea (431 B.C.E)


Romeo and Juliet (1594–1596)

William Shakespeare

Death of a Salesman (1948)

Arthur Miller

Mother Courage and Her Children (1939)

Bertolt Brecht

Oedipus The King (429 BC)


Macbeth (1599-1606)

William Shakespeare

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