What Is An Art In Simple Words?


How would we define Art? Let us look for a brief process for mastery. In our language, two words, “Nature” and “Art”, limit and define the universe of things.

Art is not Nature, because Nature is created and Art is made. And again ___

Art is not Nature, for the Reason that Nature re-produces its kind of plant and animal, and Art only re-presents them. and again___

Art is not Nature because Nature is sometimes crescent and art sometimes decays.

Everything that man finds here he called Nature. Everything that he makes he called Art. Nature is created. Art is made. To create, its original sense is to bring forth a visible, tangible, something from an invisible, intangible nothing; while to make is simple, to re-arrange material already created. But to re-arrange— that is, to make— demands a mental and a physical force and therefore art is the result of the Application of the impressional force to mental conceptions through muscular action. Under this definition Art becomes the generic term which includes the useful as well as the fine arts.

Art is a type of action that is an expression of our thoughts, feelings, desires and intuitions, more than it is personal. Through art, we can share the way of experience to the people of the world. You cannot bind art with body and soul. You can get it just by doing his meditation. Art travels freely throughout the universe.

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In other words,

Expressing visual, auditory or performance artifacts, the author’s appreciation for imaginative, conceptual ideas or technical skills and their beauty or emotional power, which is the application of human creative skills. This is called Art. Such as: painting, sculpture etc.

The synergy between the elements and principles of art helps artists to organize pleasing works for the work of art. Simultaneously provides an outline for viewers to analyze and discuss aesthetic ideas.

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