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The space a person uses on the ground. According to his profile, it is necessary for him to have some place or as much or more on the web in today’s era. As an actor, we all need a web space. Meaning a website is needed. Yes, we have an IMDB page and an actors access profile. But still we all need our own place on the web. Something that shows us and our work in the eyes of casting directors and agents (even our family and friends and well-wishers) and makes us a unique. And helps give your career a good jump. A web space where it is all about us that will be helpful in taking our career to high.



How little money we have as an actor and especially on the actor’s starting stage. I know this thing well. The price of the website here will not kill your bank account. I have tried to put a normal and accurate price on my website. This price will provide you a professional website for less money. Which will at least cost less than your emerging future.

Here you will get less than market rates of Fully Actor’s Professional website.

We have designed two types of web space for actors here. A one-of-a-kind design will showcase a fully professional website. And will work on their separate personal domains. And the second type of design will look like a completely professional website but it will be on the domain of our STAGEYACTOR, not on a separate personal domain. In which we can call “DIGITAL ACTING RESUME or DIGITAL ARTIST PROFILE”.

Professional Website Price ON Personal Domain:

Only $ 350!
5 page site (Home, Demo, Resume, Headshot Gallery, Contact)

** $ 200 Down Payment is Required **

Actor’s profile website ON STAGEYACTOR’S domain:

Only $ 150!
5 page site (Home, Demo, Resume, Headshot Gallery, Contact)

** $ 100 Down Payment is Required **

I will try to give you the information of your website’s domain name and cheap site hosting and will also help to show you all how to update your actor website. If you need more pages in your website or you want to add something, then tell us, we will try to make your website fully professional. And we can work in peace at the cost.

I want to turn your attention towards one thing. We have nothing in this actor’s website! That is, add music! Why haven’t we done this?
All types of casting directors and agents want to see your website.
Most casting directors and agents are in a hurry due to overwork and reduced time. And let’s see it in a hurry. And it is also accessible.
Imagine a casting director or agent opening your site in a quiet office / environment, they pull it up through their speakers and your favorite song explodes. You cannot even imagine how soon they will get out of it. And your website will be closed without seeing it at this time.

Even if you do not like our design and you do not choose it, I suggest you stay away from companies that have to pay you a monthly (non-hosting) fee. Those sites, give you nothing. Nor any graphics or design. Which means if you want to move to another company, you have to start from scratch. And all this can also be costly for you.


About Stagey Actor

I am an Actor by profession. A few years after graduating in theater arts, I realized that I should do something to promote art. Just since then my aim is to share my knowledge to all people. I hope all of you are with me. ART IN MY HEART

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