How to become an Actor ?

We often hear thousands of stories in childhood. In which a person is good, who talks well and does good work. But on the other hand, there is a man who talks badly. And always does the wrong thing. And we are also told to always do good work, do good things and be a hero like a hero with a story. Then when we get a little older, after seeing our favorite hero in movies, we start thinking that we are the same. For some time we forget our real world and become the heroes of that imaginary world which is good for all. People like everyone who is a hero. Perhaps then that imaginary world stays with us for a long time, during which we dream of becoming heroes. Then we think how to become an actor.

This dream of many people is born by looking at the glamorous world of acting and seeing the high profile life of actors, they feel that acting is easy, anyone can do it. Yes, acting is easy and anyone can do it, but behind it, the actor’s day-to-night glory is hidden, but most people do not realize that it is a lot of hard work. To be an actor requires a special type of personality that needs to be determined, scared of rejection, and willing to work hard to continually improve in its craft. Then whether he is interested in working in Bollywood or in Hollywood.

 If you want to become a star and want to be famous overnight, then this site is not for you, because this site can neither make you a star nor make you famous. But yes if you want to be a good actor then you are at the right place. Hopefully, you are here because you want to learn how you can be the best actor. Whether you are in India or any other country, you can make a career in the performing arts.

So if you are looking for a few steps to get into acting, on which your journey becomes exciting and a little easier, then you are the perfect place. You are here How to become an actor?

The Basics: How to Become an Actor or Actress


If you are thinking about taking up acting within yourself, then one of the things you need is the core. Headshot (photos).

It is very important to have a good headshot. It should be shot by a good photographer or a professional and look like you. Often our headshots are what we want to look like.While we are like that, the headshot should be the same.

In short, your headshot must look like you, not what you want to look like.

Acting Resume

The next thing requiring need is an Acting resume. When you apply for a job, you need a resume, but it is not your normal resume, the acting resume is completely different. You can also call it Actors BioData and Actor Profile.

I am in the early phase or I am just starting. I have nothing for my resume. But you have to start from somewhere and every person starts from anywhere, you can fix it easily. You can start by auditioning in your school, church or any theater nearby. Even you can audition for raamleela (Indian mythological) in India. You can also join any drama club. And most likely, someone at a local college is looking for actors for their student film. You probably have many opportunities. If there is no role for you in presently and upcoming shows, then you should talk and ask what else I can help you with in the theater.

The theater always needs great, honest, responsible volunteers. When you work with the theater community. Then if you audition, it will become easy for you. Now they already know you and they will know all your abilities and qualities. Then it will be easy for them to believe in you and give you role.

All of these things can be listed on your resume. You can even list any acting classes considered taken.

Learn Your Craft: Improve Your Acting Skills

Take a training:

I can tell with certainty that there is some kind of acting class, acting program, even some acting coach around you. You join them. And if you have passion, then somehow you can take any acting class 25-30 kilometers away.

If you are still in school, try and have a summer acting camp. Usually, these are all-day workshops. On this, you will know a lot of things related to acting arts. Here you can improve your acting skills. Apart from this, they are a very good place to meet people who are similar to you.

Go to college

There are a bunch of great schools you can choose for acting. If you will be immersed in acting related work all day, then how will you not improve.

With the history of Rangmach, culture, costumes, way of talking, way of walking, music, light, and so on, along with Indian theater, you will also keep information about Japan, China, America Theater etc. You will learn all kinds of acting styles and techniques and everything from the best to the best, you will be performing continuously.

I went to college at the Faculty of Performing Arts, Baroda, India and I spent my golden time. Where I met many knowledgable teachers and made some great friends whom I still keep in touch with.

If you want to get into the depth of acting, then you must take training on acting.

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Audition for theater art

As I have mentioned in the above resume headline, auditioning for community theater is very beneficial and it is a great way to start. When I was in my school and college, I got myself involved in various types of arts such as: Singing, Dance, Act etc. I used to have a very good experience there and I learned a lot. Which made my art base very strong.

When you join a theater, you live all the time in an atmosphere where there are artists all around you, you feel relaxed while staying with them and you learn a lot by observing them. The more they know you, the easier it is to participate in one of the upcoming shows – especially if you are starting out as an actor without experience. He becomes even easier to give you an audition and starts working outside his comfort zone. With which you start to understand acting more deeply.

Give as many auditions as you can. The more auditions you give, the more your understanding of acting will increase. By giving audition your nervousness will reduce and your confidence will increase day by day.

Whether you participate in the play or not, you must give the audition. Auditin likes to give and take.

Start your personal group play reading

Create a group of friends who are serious about acting. At the end of the week or twice a week, do a group reading of a good play. Give yourself a lead role like: Sakharam Binder, Evam Indrajit, Tughlaq (Indian drama) and Hamlet, Mother Courage and Her Children, A Doll’s House (English drama). Manoj Bajpayee (Indian actor) had said in one of his interviews that in his early days when he was doing theater, he used to read plays once a week with his friends, which has benefited him so much that he would experience till today is. I myself do my theater study time and even today, reading the script of a good play with my friends. It boosts that energy and this energy only builds, but you have to start the engine.

Acting agent and manager

At some point, you want to start looking for an agent. Do you have one? No, not at all. Especially if you are not a member of any acting unions, SAG-AFTRA (American) or Equity or CINTAA (Indian) or live outside a major city.

Never pay an agent or manager to join any agency or company. When you sign up on the site you are asked to pay an “agency fe. Never do this. The only time you pay an agent or manager is after receiving payment for the acting work you have booked and after you have already worked. By the way, in India, an artist manager is hired only when the manager starts providing work to him in advance, otherwise when the actor becomes a little established.

Will you need a manager?

No, you’ll only need a manager when you have a career that really needs to be managed. Generally, managers get 20% of what you do in Hollywood. Being an actor’s business representative For, the agency charges 10 to 20 percent commission in Bollywood. When you are only working twice a year, there is a lot of money to give to someone.

Casting Calls and Auditions

How can you find acting auditions and open casting calls? If you live away from the big city, then first you check the audition column in your newspaper or check their website. You can find out the audition on Google by “Audition in my city”. And you can also explore the audition by going to the casting director’s office and production house.

Moreover, you can also direct mail to the casting director’s email id and can also know the audition from their Facebook pages, website and Instagram.

You can also find out the auditions by staying in contact with your fellow actors and your senior actors.

If you like to give auditions, you can find an audition at any cost.

Is acting a business or an art?

You can consider acting as business and art as well, it is up to you.

According to me, acting is the art for an actor and director. And acting is business for the producer. Business brains can be used in acting but this does not mean that acting is business. Business can be a part of acting. But acting cannot be business. This is an art.

When you go for the audition, be completely ready. Understand your monologue, dance, song and act. Always keep your headshot (photo) and resume (biodata, profile) with you, in your mail or on your phone. Always treat yourself like a professional.

You can only have one shot with that casting director. Make the best of it and show them that you have the goods.

Casting directors, directors and anyone who can hire you want to know that you are the answer to their casting “problem”. They need you and they want you to be great. They are rooted for you.

You know what is going on in the entertainment industry

A good actor must have complete knowledge of the theater, television and film world. You should be familiar with everything in the acting world. What critics are doing on a movie, on a theater show or on TV should be the most updated.

Apart from national level films, you should also have a lot of knowledge of international films.You should have complete knowledge of world cinema.

You can read a lot of acting related things on where you will continue to get acting tips, monologue and cinema updates.

Become an actor who works awake all night

It can take years to become an actor. Maybe a lot of years, and maybe a few years. But if you always keep polishing yourself, you will get good work very soon. Some people are lucky. Some people are not. If you work hard, it will happen. If you are prepared, it is happen.

It is very easy if you want.

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